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I want to be able to say a lot with just a little... To suggest rather than to show.

My books are not a simple enumeration of ingenious aphorisms and metaphors placed one after the other without any order or reason; but I have tried to weave them together in such a way that each page contains a meaning. I want my books to contain a rhythm. There are thoughts that by their strength ask me to be alone; I see others in need of company. I pursue the contrast, after a harsh statement I make a soft one, after a bleak thought I place a comforting one. I mix the tragic with the comic, the transcendent with the banal, the corny with the sublime. I want to shake the reader from the brutal to the kind, from the kind to the brutal, like life itself.

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I look for bridges between the absurd and logic. Places where the absurd and the logical meet.

As I write, I sit down to play with words, awaiting for the subconscious to reveal that metaphor, that image, which I would never reach using the reason. I am looking for the unusual. I want to stab reason. As death stabs life. The surreal is not seeing the mirage until it touches it. "When reason sleeps sirens sing" Max Ernst "Logic is boring" said Hitchcock

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    Mold minds to create artists!

    I decided to design a Photography Course, but not from a technical and documentary point of view, but from an artistic one. Now days nobody talks about the quality of Kodak or Fuji films, but the notions of composition, emptiness, harmony are still as valid as 50 years ago.

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