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"Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible." Mc Escher
If I ended up opting for art, it was because I thought it was something I could stand out in. An intuition, a feeling, an omen was what led me to give up everything for the love of art.
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I started doing field trips to travel and contact other nature photographers...
Now days nobody talks about the quality of Kodak or Fuji films, but the notions of composition, emptiness, harmony are still as valid as 50 years ago.


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My ability to synthesize that I pursue with great zeal. What happens is that according to the means used, the processes to reach it are different.
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The only thing I intend as a writer is to desecrate, for which I resort to irony, which is the great desecration; to the paradox that leads to the absurd; to the metaphor that is the very expression of relativity and of course to the acid and corrosive humor.
My books are not a simple enumeration of ingenious aphorisms and metaphors placed one after the other without any order or reason; but I have tried to weave them together in such a way that each page contains a meaning. I want my books to contain a rhythm. There are thoughts that by their strength ask me to be alone; I see others in need of company. I pursue the contrast, after a harsh statement I make a soft one, after a bleak thought I place a comforting one. I mix the tragic with the comic, the transcendent with the banal, the corny with the sublime. I want to shake the reader from the brutal to the kind, from the kind to the brutal, like life itself.


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